Rubbish Collector in North London

D H Waste

Mullarkey’s Clearances - A Rubbish Collector in North London That Does Recycling Too

When you hire our company for rubbish disposal in Islington N1, we pride ourselves with the fact that we do more than simply load up the rubbish in a truck and take it to a a specified landfill. We want to ensure that the majority of the rubbish will get either reused or recycled as possible.

Green waste is sent to a composting facility, recyclable materials such as paper, glass, plastics as well as most metals are separated from the rest of the rubbish to be recycled. Anything that can be re used, such as working office equipment, plus household items like furniture, clothing and books is donated to charity organizations.

By reusing and recycling as many items as possible, we do our part to keep costs down while minimizing the environmental impact of our operations.

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